Festival Of Sails 2017

A festival of Sails 2017 was recently concluded which was running from 21st to 26th January as part of Australia Day celebrations.

Royal Geelong Yacht Club organized the program called Discover Sailing which was one of the highlighted events in this festival. This year the festival was held with much enthusiasm along with a Come and Try day included which was hosted on January 25th.

This event included several of the beach activities that brought several Geelong sailors to try different boats. For instance the new foiling boat Waszp was on display and for the trial and use during this event. It was a vessel that promised fast and furious movements through the water. Boats like this were made part of the event which promises to be show-stoppers as they are the latest designs in the market.

The latest foiling design boats presented much thrill for the experienced sailors as the boats literally fly on water at incredible speeds. There were other new boats on trial as well, such as RS Quest, Optimist series, Cadet, 420s and others. There was a program called Discover Sailing for the newbies. This program offers a great opportunity for kids as well as families to take to the waters under the watchful supervision of instructors from the club. There was sailing events for differently able people as well. One of the boats was designated for use by those who had disabilities.

Hence, the festival in general includes events and programs that can suit people of different abilities and interests. From experienced sailors to families who wish to experience sailing, this festival includes something for everyone. Indeed, it works well in line with the aim of the country’s tourism authorities as well. There is a renewed focus on making sailing one of the central points around which different tourism activities can be planned.