Australian Sports Award Got Sailing

2016 Australian Institute of Sports award distribution event is going to take place on the 15 of December and teams and athletes from all 15 sports have been finalized by the jury member.

The name award winners will be announced on December 15 at hotel The Star in Sydney. The event will be followed by a gala dinner. This year, three awards are going to sail in different categories

AIS is the agency of Australia’s high performance sports and it is responsible for all the movement of sporting in the country. It is also responsible for recognition of sports stars in the country and also the uplift of different types of sports.

Acting Australian Sports Commission Chief Executive Officer Matt Favier said “It is really good to see so many athletes and sports team has been nominated for AIS award and it is the reflection how talent in Australia is widespread and not confined to only limited sports. The award ceremony will bring all the sports on a single platform and celebrate achievement of each other.” (more…)

Sonar Confident Ahead Of Paralympic Regatta

The Sonar sailing team from Britain is pretty confident of getting a podium finish at the 2016 Rio Paralympic regatta event. They have won the World Championship in December 2015 and feels that they are in good shape to win a medal for the country in the Paralympics event that starts from 12th September.

The Sonar team is looking to make up for the off-the-water penalty that they received during the 2012 London Paralympics and want to at least grab the silverware. The team comprises of Hannah Stodel, Steve Thomas and John Robertson. They will be taking part in their straight fourth games together and hence they know each other’s tactics and play very well. They can work well as a unit to test the Rio waters. (more…)

Crews cleaning debris and fuel

A huge cleanup operation is now underway at Port Orchard Yacht Club following a weekend fire that tore part of the marina. A Coast Guard helicopter flew past the Sinclair Inlet earlier on Monday to ensure oil splattered during the fire has not propelled out of the place. According to reports, the Department of Ecology is awaiting to see what the snapshots reveal, but officials believe that the lack of current and wind is serving to contain the spill.

There were heavy fuels on hundreds of feet of boom that spilled in the marina on Sunday morning. Six boathouses were destroyed in fire. One of the witnesses said that it was very scary. He went around and served everyone out with their fire hoses. He had my boat started and ready to pull out because they were worried about it jumping across the waterway. (more…)

Port Orchard Yacht Club fire

A huge cleaning operation is now afoot at the Port Orchard Yacht Club as a fire incident tore through a part of the marina after a weekend. On Monday, a Coast Guard helicopter passed over Sinclair Inlet to ensure oil spilled during the incident has not spread through the area. The Department of Ecology is awaiting to see what the snapshots show, but officials believe that the lack of current and wind is serving to contain the spill.

Booms, (as long as hundred feet) that had heavy fuels spilled into the marina on Sunday morning. Six yachts were up in flames and five of them went destroyed. Rich McCormick, one of the witnesses, told that it was really scary. He went around and helped everyone with fire hoses; and he had his boat started and all set to pull out as they were really worried regarding this jumping across the waterway.

On Monday, the crew from department of ecology worked hard on removing the charred, wet rubble from the water. Department of Ecology’s Robert Walls told that the whole issue that they were dealing with at this point of time that they have to clear part of the damaged, burned as well as destroyed boat houses to reach out to three of vessels.

Divers are attempting to figure out just how much diesel the sunken yachts’ fuel tanks are holding so it could be safely removed. Walls added that they have a way, they call it scrimming tanks, to actually access the tank without releasing any product whatsoever. This is primarily a vacuum cleaner, it basically sucks it right out.